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McCain a No-Good Rotten Liar?

So say the increasingly unhinged Politicalwire (which at one point was a decent source for political news), NBC News (surprise), and the New York Times (even bigger surprise).

One of McCain’s offenses?  The untruth and lies in this ad about The One’s support for kindergarten sex education.  The ad charges that Obama supported teaching comprehensive sex education to kindergartners.  Obama’s media echo-chamber responds: the bill Obama sponsored is all about teaching kids to recognize and avoid sexual predators.

Seems like a case of we said, they said.  Unfortunately for The One (although the Downstream Media hasn’t picked up on this), the full text of the bill is available online.  You don’t have to read past the first subparagraph to see that the bill mandates the teaching of STD prevention.  To kindergartners.

But McCain’s the liar.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Smear List

Great list of 66 (and counting) Democrat smears on Palin, complete with refutation.

Just Can’t Get Enough

I read DailyKos on a daily basis.  I don’t know why.  It’s sheer torture.  There is plenty more evidence of how scared the libs are of the Palin pick.  I especially loved this nugget, an approving quote from an Alaska newspaper columnist:

Her approval ratings are high–65 percent, or so–but down from 80 percent earlier in her term. Most Alaskan’s haven’t watched her as closely as most reporters or legislators. If you took a poll of reporters and legislators I expect her approval rating would be down in the teens or twenties.

What’s that?  Journalists and legislators don’t like her?  This is supposed to make Americans distrust her?  Quite the opposite, I believe.

Daily Dope

I wonder why anyone takes Andrew Sullivan seriously anymore.  (Of course, his blog has actual readers, so who am I to criticize.)  I long ago stopped reading him on anything approaching a regular basis, ever since he jumped the shark on torture (“No, no, we can never ever pour water into someone’s nose, that’s MONSTROUS!”) and his viscous attacks on anyone who supports traditional marriage.

But I think several of his posts today indicate how scared the left is of the Palin nomination.  But the most offensive attack on Palin is echoed approvingly by Sullivan, quoting from a reader’s e-mail:

The average Hillary voter would never support a woman like Palin. They are anathema to each other. And the average middle-class Mom is going to say, “What’s a woman with children that young (and one with Down-syndrome) doing thinking that she can leave them everyday to be a Vice-President or possibly President?” Yes, she’s a governor of sparsely populated Alaska now, but to be the 2nd most important person in the United States in our post-911 world is not the place for a very nice, young mother.

“To be the 2nd most important person in the United States in our post-911 world is not the place for a very nice, young mother”?  So now she’s disqualified because she’s too “nice.”  And isn’t there a latent sexism in that statement (or perhaps overt sexism) coming from the Tolerant Left?

Please.  If Palin is capable of raising five kids, she is capable of presiding over the Senate.  Not a lot of difference, really.

More Palin

I just could not be more excited about this pick.  Laides and gentlemen, the next Vice President of the United States.

Sarah Palin

Awesome.  Just awesome.