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McCain a No-Good Rotten Liar?

So say the increasingly unhinged Politicalwire (which at one point was a decent source for political news), NBC News (surprise), and the New York Times (even bigger surprise).

One of McCain’s offenses?  The untruth and lies in this ad about The One’s support for kindergarten sex education.  The ad charges that Obama supported teaching comprehensive sex education to kindergartners.  Obama’s media echo-chamber responds: the bill Obama sponsored is all about teaching kids to recognize and avoid sexual predators.

Seems like a case of we said, they said.  Unfortunately for The One (although the Downstream Media hasn’t picked up on this), the full text of the bill is available online.  You don’t have to read past the first subparagraph to see that the bill mandates the teaching of STD prevention.  To kindergartners.

But McCain’s the liar.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.


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Smear List

Great list of 66 (and counting) Democrat smears on Palin, complete with refutation.

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